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Composite Dental Fillings 101

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A composite dental filling may seem like any other dental filling, but what you may not know that it has more advantages than an amalgam filling. Dr. Milla Openko and our professional team want to work with you to get your best smile and this can be done with the easy process of a filling.

Whether it’s an infection, tooth decay, or a small fracture, a composite filling is the perfect solution your dentist can use to fix your smile. Made of finely powdered glass and plastic resin, these fillings can fix small, sometimes large, dental issues in the teeth depending on how much treatment is needed. With its adjustable mold, the resin material can bond with the tooth better since it can fit into small spaces.

The process is simple with hardly any drilling, placement of the material, and then finally being cured with a special light. It can not only be made to blend in with the natural tooth, but it can also be blended with other materials for an even more solid structure. Call Milla Openko, DMD today for a consultation or to make an appointment with our dental professionals here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team will be happy to assist you for a better smile, so call 412.885.5590 today!