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Do You Need Root Canal Therapy? We Can Help!

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As you’re probably aware, there are several things you need to do to keep your pearly whites healthy. You already know that scheduling checkups with us are important and that you need to brush and floss your teeth regularly. However, would you be surprised to hear that a damaged root canal can only be treated with root canal therapy, or that root canal therapy might not be as uncomfortable as you think?

You may have heard that root canal therapy is an extremely painful treatment, and you might be tempted to avoid having one. However, if you need root canal therapy but choose not to get it, you risk losing your tooth. You should also know that root canal therapy is not as painful as you may have heard. In fact, most patients who have had root canal therapy and a filling placed often claim that the two treatments are fairly comparable.

Please remember that having root canal therapy is important to saving an injured tooth even if you aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort. Other symptoms you may want to know about include red and swollen gums, a strange taste in your mouth. pain when you chew and eat, and sudden sensitivity to temperatures. You may also need root canal therapy if you don’t have any of these symptoms, which is why regular, routine checkups are so important to the health of your smile.

If you’d like to hear more about root canal therapy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please feel free to give Milla Openko, DMD a call at 412.885.5590 . Our dentists, Dr. Milla Openko and Dr. Dean Dedola look forward to helping you with all of your oral health needs!