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Floss Tips for a Smile Free of Gum Disease

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We are committed to helping you and your family reduce your risk of gum disease through daily oral hygiene habits to improve your dental hygiene. Taking time to floss removes bacteria that could result in gum disease. Today we offer professional tips on how to floss for an effective technique and prevent gum disease.

It’s important to remove food particles from the teeth so that they don’t accumulate in narrow spaces and cause gum disease. Fossing is a dental habit that should be performed slowly and with care so that your mouth receives a more efficient clean. If you have difficulty maintaining proper flossing methods, we invite you to try the following flossing techniques:

– Floss with proper products, not random materials. Your dentist can help you choose products that are safe and efficient.

– You can also look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance on highly tested products.

– Be gentle and slow when flossing to preserve your soft tissues.

– Keep the string 16-20 inches in length so that each tooth receives a fresh section as you floss.

– Floss between all of your teeth, including the spot behind your back teeth.

– Make sure you have a high-quality floss string that is resistant to tearing and fraying.

– Receive professional dental cleanings every six months from the dentist.

Contact our office at 412.885.5590 today to speak with our dentists, Dr. Milla Openko and Dr. Dean Dedola, about flossing to prevent gum disease in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.