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How Age Affects Your Teeth

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You know that there are a few extra things you may need to do if you’re hoping to stay healthy as you age. However, did you know there are also a few extra things you’ll need to do to keep your teeth healthy as you get older? In fact, even if you’ve been caring for your teeth well for years, there are a number of things you should watch for.

For example, as you age you should watch for signs of gum disease. If you notice blood on your gums or brush after cleaning your teeth or if you have sensitive teeth, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us as soon as possible. Red or swollen gums are also common signs you should watch for.

Dry mouth is another option you should watch for. You see, saliva is actually very important because it helps prevent bad breath, enamel erosion, and washes away food particles. Without saliva, you’ll be more likely to get tooth decay and cavities. Sadly, you’ll be more vulnerable to dry mouth as you age because many medications can cause this issue. Since you’ll be more likely to take medications as you age, you’ll be more vulnerable to gum disease.

Finally, you may think that you’ll naturally lose teeth as you age, but this isn’t true. Problems like gum disease and tooth decay will make you more likely to lose teeth. You can prevent these issues by brushing and flossing regularly. Getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet will also help.

If you’re interested in learning more about caring for your teeth as you age, please don’t hesitate to give Milla Openko, DMD a call at 412.885.5590 . Our dentist, Dr. Milla Openko and our team at our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will answer any questions you have. We’re eager to hear from you soon.