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How to Address and Repair a Cracked Tooth

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Our dental team at Milla Openko, DMD is committed to providing restorative dental care for patients who are experiencing tooth problems. While your tooth enamel is extremely tough and is even stronger than your bones, it is still susceptible to oral damage such as tooth fracture. We can help you recognize and treat a cracked tooth to restore your smile so that you can have excellent oral health.

The development of sharp tooth pain when you chew but it disappears when your tooth is not in use, you may have a dental fracture. The following circumstances can result in a cracked tooth suddenly:

– Chewing on ice, nuts, hard candy and other objects that can crack a tooth
– Oral trauma like a strong blow to a tooth
– Temperature extremes like hot soup and ice water that come into contact with a tooth
– Bruxism, which is persistent tooth grinding or clenching, putting pressure on the tooth

Treatment for a cracked tooth first requires our dentist to examine the situation to evaluate the damage. A minor tooth crack may be repaired with a tooth-colored material known as a composite resin that acts as a dental filling, but severe damage can result in the need for a root canal or tooth extraction. It’s important to maintain routine dental checkups to detect tooth problems as soon as possible while conservative treatment is still an option.

If you are struggling with a cracked tooth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we encourage you to call our office at 412.885.5590 right away and avoid chewing on the tooth until your visit with our dentists, Dr. Milla Openko and Dr. Dean Dedola, for repairs.