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The Quality of Your Oral Hygiene Products Impacts the Effectiveness of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

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The American Dental Association provides a number of guidelines and daily recommendations to help you maintain the health of your mouth throughout the course of your life. This starts with an effective daily oral hygiene routine, founded on twice-daily brushing and flossing each evening.

Of course, not all oral hygiene products are created equal. Some merely have cosmetic value, and their ineffectiveness is masked by exorbitant marketing messages. Using these inferior grade items in your daily oral hygiene routine could leave you at increased susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease.

To address these concerns while helping consumers identify only the highest quality oral hygiene products, the American Dental Association instituted their Seal of Acceptance program. Since its inception in 1931, the seal has become the hallmark for identifying a high-quality oral hygiene product.

If a manufacturer wants to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance for an oral hygiene product, they can submit the product to the ADA, in advance of the product launch, for testing and research. The ADA will then then test and research the active ingredients for safety and effectiveness as part of an oral hygiene routine. If the product meets the rigorous guidelines, it will earn the right to print the Seal of Acceptance on the label.

This means you should feel confident in its ability to help maintain the good oral health of yourself and your family. As an added convenience, the ADA also provides an index on their website of all oral hygiene products that have earned the seal.

If you are having trouble selecting a new oral hygiene product for you or your family and you live in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, you can always call 412.885.5590 to speak to a member of the staff at Milla Openko, DMD’s clinic.