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Year End Smile Upgrades: Dental Damage Planning

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Is your holiday season a success up to this point? Have you done everything you can to ensure your smile has thrived during the holidays and continues to be protected from any damages and hazards that have arisen? Even if you have done a good job of protecting your smile this holiday season, please remember that there are numerous activities and lifestyle choices that are present all year long that can easily lead to dental damage.

If your teeth are suffering from dental damage, it could be due to numerous causes. Typically, lifestyle habits such as wearing mouth jewelry can wreck your smile easily. Lip and tongue rings you wear can pose severe choking hazards if they break off or fray. In addition, they can lead to nerve damage, cracked teeth, oral inflammation, and serious infections.

In addition, sports routinely lead to dental damage. If you do not take care of your smile when practicing contact sports, you may end up being fitted for prosthetic teeth later on. To help prevent damage to your smile, always wear the appropriate safety gear, including face masks and mouth guards when available.

Our team at Milla Openko, DMD focuses on a selection of dental damage treatments to suit all your oral health care needs. If you would like an oral exam from Dr. Milla Openko or Dr. Dean Dedola, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You are welcome to call us at 412.885.5590 .